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Sex up your partner’s drinks cabinet, with a gift from Ballin for Valentine’s Day 2021!

With going out off the agenda there’s no excuse not to be living your best lockdown life and ‘having a ball’ with our range of superior spirits.

Your Valentine will want to show off these super-stylish frosted bottles on social. But looks aren’t everything, these superior quality spirits taste as good as they look.

Produced exclusively for Ballin by the G&J Distillery in the UK, a producer with over 250 years of heritage, Ballin Gin and Vodka is quintuple filtered for an incredibly clean, smooth and subtle finish, leaving zero burn and no lingering aftertaste.

Ballin Premium Vodka is distilled from British winter wheat and Ballin Premium Gin flavour profile is made up of five carefully chosen botanicals which include, juniper, angelica, coriander, cubeb peppers and lemon to infuse a hint of citrus notes.

Ballin Premium White Rum is distilled in the Caribbean and then triple filtered in Cognac, France The result is a White Rum that delivers an unmistakable a tropical kick with unparalleled smoothness.

All spirits in the range are bottled at 43% ABV, producing a higher alcohol content compared to other well know brands.

Ballin spirits have been developed to drink straight from the freezer, on the rocks or enjoyed with your favourite mixer. Either way these insta-worthy spirits are bound to bring a bit of excitement to your lockdown Love-In.